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Tasty Junction Indian Restaurant in moonee ponds vic 3039 - order online from eatnow

    • Onion Bhaji


      Sliced onion mix with spices in chickpea butter and crisp fried.

    • Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)


      Tossed potato and green peas with spices, plain flour, butter, rolles in triangular pancakes and deep fried.

    • Mix Pakora (4pcs)


      Seasonal vegetables in batter with ground and whole spices

    • Veg Manchurian


      Chopped fresh vegetables tossed with Manchurian sauce.

    • Chilly Paneer


      Spicy yummy appetizer made of soft cheese fried with Indian spices along with soya sauce and vinegar.

    • Aalo Tikki


      Potato patties deep fried and dipped in yoghurt garnished with mint, tamarind sauce and cumin powder

    • Fish Amritsari


      Fish fillets marinated with lemon and fresh spices, coated in lentil flour and deep fried.


    • ChickenTikka (4pcs)


      Pieces of boneless chicken marinated with yoghurt and herbs, skewered and cooked in the tandoor oven.

    • Tandoori Mushroom


      Butter mushrooms marinated with exotic spices, yoghurt, garlic, ginger and cooked in the indian clay oven

    • Tandoori Paneer Tikka sunheri


      Tandoor baked cottage cheese marinated with spiced yoghurt and saffron.

    • Lamb Seekh Kebab


      Skewered lamb mince, flavored with tasty herbs cooked in the Indian clay oven.

    • Tandoori Chicken Half/Full


      Chicken marinated in Indian Spices, Yoghurt, garlic ginger and cooked in the tandoor.

    • Tandoori Lamb Cutlets (4pcs)


      Lamb cutlet marinated with strong flavour of ginger garlic and Indian herbs

    • Tandoori Mix Grill


      Includes 2 pieces each of chicken tikka, lamb Sheekh Kebab, lamb cutlets, and tandoori chicken.

    • Tandoori Prawns (8pcs)


      Tiger prawn marinated with lemon juice, chilli, yoghurt and cooked Tandoor

    • Afghani Chicken (tasty’s Special) Half/Full


      Chicken marinated in cream sauce with herbs & spices

    • Lamb Cutlets


      Lamb chops marinated in yoghurt, ginger & Garlic with tasty herbs & spices.

    • MAIN COURSE (Chicken)

    • Butter Chicken


      Marinated chicken cooked in a clay oven and served with a sweet oriental tomato, butter, cream and cashew nut sauce, topped with cream

    • Chicken Tikka masala


      Chicken tikka cooped with capsicum, Onions, tomato, ginger and spices topped with fresh coriander.

    • Chicken Curry


      Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a spicy authentic sauce.

    • Chicken Saag


      Chicken cooked in a light and creamy spinach &saag sauce.

    • Chicken Vindaloo


      Chicken flavored with homemade vindaloo paste with a touch of vinegar.

    • Murg Mushroom


      Chicken cooked in alight creamy sauce with mushrooms.

    • Cream chicken-(Tasty’s Special)


      Afghani Chicken tikka cooked in creamy sauce with herbs and spices

    • Kadai Chicken


      Boneless chicken cooked in Tasty special spices with tossed capsicum and onion.

    • Chicken Korma


      Chicken cooked with light creamy sauce finished with coconut milk and cashew paste.

    • Chicken Daal


      Chicken chunks added into lentils & special spices

    • Mango Chicken


      Bomeless chicken pieces simmered in rich mango gravy with tasty herbs and spices.

    • MAIN COURSE (Lamb)

    • Lamb Rogan Josh


      Diced lamb cooked in rich onion gravy, garnished with fresh coriander.

    • Lamb Bhuna


      Sauteed lamb diced with lamb mince and tossed along with onion and capsicum

    • Lamb Vindaloo


      Pieces of lamb cooked in spices with hot chilli sauce, finished with fresh coriander.

    • Lamb Keema Masala-(Tasty’s Special)


      Lamb pieces cooked with mince of lamb, , onion, tomatoes, herbs & spices

    • Lamb Saag


      Diced lamb cooked in onion gravy with spinach sauce

    • Dal Ghost


      Pieces of lamb and potatoes cooked in spices with hot chilli sauce, finished with fresh coriander.

    • Lamb Korma


      Lamb cooked in cashew nut sauce with light aromatic herbs and spices

    • Goat curry


      Goat cooked with roasted spices, tomato, onion and ginger.

    • Lamb Jalfrezi


      Frying marinated pieces of Lamb in a curry made with tasty spices and herbs.

    • MAIN COURSE (Seafood)

    • Fish Masala


      Fish pieces cooked in rich curry with capsicum, tomatoes & garlic

    • Fish Vindaloo


      Hot and flavoursome curry from beautiful Goa region of India.

    • Fish Haryali


      Succulent fillets of fish cooked with creamy buttered spinach and whole spices.

    • Prawn Vindaloo


      Prawns cooked with hot and flavoursome curry from beautiful Goa region of India.

    • Prawn Malai


      Prawns cooked in flavoured and authentic malai sauce.

    • MAIN COURSE(Vegetarians)

    • Pumpkin Masala


      Pumpkin cooked with onion,tomatoes, herbs & spices

    • Dal Makhani


      Mixed leatils cooked with butter, cream and spices, finished with coriander and ginger

    • Chana Dal(Yellow Lentil)


      Lentils cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes, coriander and Indian style herbs and spices

    • Aaloo Mutter


      Potatoes and green peas cooked in onion sauce, garnished with coriander

    • Mutter Paneer


      Cottage cheese and green peas cooked in moderately spiced gravy, finished with fresh coriander and cream

    • Shahi Paneer


      Cottage cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes, cream and butter sauce

    • Palak Paneer


      Homemade cottage cheese cooked in spinach puree topped with cream and ginger.

    • Mushroom Mutter


      Mixed mushroom and green peas curry cooked in a mild sauce garnished with fresh coriander

    • Malai Kofta


      Authentic Punjabi (Cheese balls in Creamy Gravy)

    • Mix Veg


      A bountiful assortment of fresh garden vegetables cooked with Tasty special spices

    • Aaloo Gobi


      Potatoes stir fried with spices, tomatoes and cauliflower

    • Zeera Aaloo


      Potatoes flavored with cumin seeds tossed on high flame flavored with turmeric , fresh ginger and fenugreek leaves

    • Veg Jalfrezi


      Frying marinated pieces of seasonal vegetables in a curry made with tasty spices and herbs.erbs.


    • Saffron Rice


      Basmati rice cooked with saffron

    • Jeera Rice


      Basmati rice cooked with cumind seeds

    • Peas Rice


      Basmati rice tossed with pees.

    • Kashmiri Pulao


      Basmati rice with nuts and coconut cream.

    • Veg Biryani


      Vegetables cooked with rice and specials herbs.

    • Chicken/Lamb Biryani


      Chicken /Lamb cooked with basmati rice and flavored with selected herbs

    • Prawn Biryani


      Prawn and Basmati rice cooked together with fresh herbs and Saffron.

    • Naans Breads

    • Plain Naan

    • Garlic Naan

    • Roti (wholemeal bread)

    • Pratha

    • Aaloo Pratha


      Flaky wholemeal bread stuffed with spicy potato and peas

    • Pudina Pratha


      Plain flour bread stuffed with Mint and a Pinch of Spices.

    • Paneer Kulcha


      Plain flour bread stuffed with cheese, onions and coriander.

    • Masala Kulcha


      Bread stuffed with cheese, mashed potatoes, coriander and a pinch of spices.

    • Kashmiri Naan


      Stuffed with fruits and nuts

    • Keema Naan


      Stuffed bread minced lamb& herbs


    • Pappadams

    • Raita


      Cooling whipped yoghurt with boondi.

    • Green Salad

    • Onion Salad

    • Mint Chutney

    • Mango Chutney

    • Mix Pickles


    • Gulab Jamun (2pcs)


      Cheese dumplings with sugar syrup

    • Pistachio/Almonds/Mango Kulfi


      Pistachio flavoured indian Ice cream

    • Gajar Halwa


      Grated carrot and milk simmered to perfect taste. One of Indian favourite traditional desserts.

    • DRINKS

    • Plain/Sweet/Salt Lassi

    • Mango Lassi

    • Soft Drinks 375ml/1.25 ltr


      Coke,Diet coke, Coke Zero, Sprite,

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